Environmental or location portraits are a style of portrait photography where the subject is photographed in their natural surroundings or in a setting that is relevant to their profession, personality, or story. These storytelling images are a specialty of Layn Mudder of LPT Images. 


These location portraits aim to capture the subject in a context that adds depth, meaning, and authenticity to the image. The environment serves as a backdrop that provides visual cues about the subject's identity, interests, or profession. For example, a store owner may be photographed in their retail location surrounded by products they sell, while a teacher may be captured in their classroom with bulletin boards in the background.


Environmental portraits require careful consideration of lighting, composition, and location selection to effectively convey the desired message or narrative. They can be used for a variety of purposes, including personal branding, corporate portraits, editorial features, and marketing materials.


Environmental portraits offer a dynamic and engaging alternative to traditional studio portraits, allowing the subject's personality and story to shine through in their natural habitat.